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The 20 Best Restaurants in Rhodes

An insider's guide to the best restaurants in Rhodes island including everything from the most authentic and traditional tavernas to international glamour Fine Dining restaurants.

César Meze Bar, Lindos

Dine under the stars in a magnificent environment decorated by local handcrafts and a roof pool overlooking the breathtaking site of Lindos. Explore your senses on a journey across the finest delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine and amuse your palate to gourmet fine dining, signature cocktails and distinguished wines.

Winner of the 2019 Greek Cuisine Awards

Must try: The Mousaka Explosion, The Grushi

Paranga, Apollona

Giannis Efthimiou, the young Greek chef and owner revives the authentic Rhodian gastronomic culture with centuries old traditional recipes prepared for hours in wooden ovens in one of the most rural villages of the island.

Winner of the 2019 Greek Cuisine Awards

Must try: Goat slowly cooked in the wooden over

Kozas, Stegna

Established in 1932, Kozas serves generations of Rhodians with the freshest catch of the day. Enoy a glass of ouzo by the water enjoying delicious sea food meze in one of the most enchanting spots of the island.

Must try: Taramosalata, poached red mullets

Ktima Lindos, Lindos

As well as being a sought after wedding venue due to its jaw dropping views over the crystal waters of Vlycha Bay, this contemporary restaurant offers carefully prepared dishes in a naturally lit environment with panoramic views.

Must try: Linguini with fresh sea food

Platanos, Lahania

A traditional taverna for meat lovers in the authentic village of Lahania in the southern part of the island. An unforgettable experience that will transport your senses in time and space.

Must try: Aubergine salad, Dolmades, grilled pork chop with hand-cut fries

Broccolino, Lindos

Hidden within the alleys of Lindos town away from the hustle and bustle, this funky restaurant serves Italian authentic cuisine with a modern touch. Dine there and you will be rewarded with a magical evening in a rustic low light environment savouring delicious food.

Must try: The Bruschetta selection, the courgette carpaccio salad

Philosophia, Pefkos

Just above the Pefkos main beach, in one of the most magical settings lies Philosophia. Head there early afternoon and dine and wine watching the sun setting into the sea.

Must try: Taramosalata, Spinach Pie

Marco Polo, Rhodes Old Town

Dine engulfed by the medieval aura of the Old Town in Marco Polo Hotel & Restaurant; a romantically lit garden courtyard invites its guests to unwind and be taken back in time.

Must try: Trahanoto

Koukos, Rhodes Town

Koukos shares one of the most important culture of folklore Greece. This "kafene" style restaurant serves traditional Greek cuisine with fine local ingredients and cold cuts.

Must try: The Koukos starter plate, the fried Symi shrimp

Five Senses Restaurant, Vlycha Bay - Lindos

Located on the hill overlooking the bay of Vlycha (within Lindos Blu Hotel), Five Senses is indeed a sensational restaurant. Gourmet Fine Dining in a revisited menu using fine fresh and local produce.

Winner of the 2019 Greek Cuisine Awards

Must try: Rhodian lentils with wild rice , Sea bass fillet

Olive Street, Lindos

An old olive-oil mill transformed into a spectacular restaurant and boutique store. Dine in the balcony outside the kitchen admiring the view of the ancient Acropolis.

Must try: Sea Bass Ceviche, Tuna Tartare

To Limeri tou Listi (Smugler's Cove), Profilia

At the southern tip of Rhodes, in a half-mountain village that you think might be uninhabited, Savvas and Konstantina Papasavva offer local cuisine passionately. They emphasize Rhodian flavors and bring out local produce that delivers a tasty treat, all magnificently served under a giant sycamore, overlooking Mount Gerakas.

Winner of the 2019 Greek Cuisine Awards

Must try: Lamb Shank marinated in local honey and herbs

Platanos, Vati

More of a traditional Kafeneio rather than a Taverna, Platanos at Vati offers whatever the orchard provides. Go there and have a sip of ouzo along with the locals and have a conversation with the owner Kostas about the island's culture.

Must try: Goat stew, hand-cut fried with eggs

Perigiali, Stegna

An excellent sea food Taverna in the bay of Stegna. Perigiali offers the finest catch of the day following faithfully the family's original recipies for generations.

Must try: Ruzetia Skodalia (Local red mullet with garlic), sea urchin salad

Palestra, Lindos (Main Beach)

Rosanna, a vibrant Italian lady runs this gorgeous taverna on the far side of the main bay in Lindos and along with her son Thomas will indulge you with their character and hospitality.

Dine there with delicious, fresh sea food dishes overlooking the bay, Lindos village and the Acropolis all at the same time.

Must try: Sea food risotto

Panorama Tsampikas, Arhaggelos

Head there for lunch to enjoy the magnificent view of the Tsampika Bay, dine under the freshness of the trees and eat like an ancient Greek God would of have.

Must try: the local greens, aubergine salad, sea food meze

Plimmiri Taverna, Plimmiri Beach

Go in, head straight for the kitchen and choose the actual fish you would like to have, then see it getting cooked in front of your eyes. Plimmiri will reward you with the most original experiences of the Aegean gastronomy.

Must try: The sun-dried grilled octopus

Marouli, Rhodes Old Town

"Marouli" means lettuce, and here the greens and vegetables stand out in a show of colourful dishes in this vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the old town of Rhodes.

Must try: Homemade Pasta with wild mushrooms

Ta Petaladika, Rhodes Old Town

Although most of the eateries in Rhodes Old Town are classic tourist traps, Petaladika is one of the few where locals are regulars. Petaladika is famous for its sea food appetizers, or mezethes.

Must try: Fried red mullets, mussel stew

Pallas Beach Taverna, Lindos (Pallas Beach)

The tables are so close to the water that sometimes the waves may literally reach your feet. Pallas Beach Taverna offers its guests with carefully prepared dishes by a talented young chef in a sandy table setting.

Must try: Sea food mezethes

Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa

Lindos 85107 Rhodes, Greece

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